‘Am I…’ Series: Am I dedicated enough to be a blogger?

I've noticed a few brilliant bloggers lately who appear to be steadfastly dedicated to their blogs. I admire their dedication immensely but I'm struggling to sustain it myself. I tried - hard - in my early days of blogging, back when I was temporarily unemployed, battling mental health demons & trying to do SOMETHING constructive … Continue reading ‘Am I…’ Series: Am I dedicated enough to be a blogger?

5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Renovations!

1. It takes MUCH longer & is MUCH more exhausting than anticipated! Although our shower room renovation physically took 13 working days, there was a lot to coordinate beforehand and during. We contacted several companies for quotes in January but apparently decent tradespeople are never available immediately, so we had to wait until April for … Continue reading 5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Renovations!

Asking for a friend..?

This blog has been sitting in my drafts folder for weeks, just gathering dust because I felt a bit too vulnerable to publically share my situation. However, this week I have read blogs by Call Me Amy, Owls and Stags and Bethany Sandland which touch on this very topic so, buoyed by it being #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek too, I am finally pressing publish! … Continue reading Asking for a friend..?

40 for my 40th: books 11-15!

Nineteen weeks into my #40booksformy 40th reading challenge and I've finished 15 books - I need to crack on! However, having started a brand new job in February (which I blogged about here) and beginning the extensive renovation of our new house in April (which I wrote about here and here) I think managing 79% of a book per week isn't too shabby. … Continue reading 40 for my 40th: books 11-15!

Battling the Blues and Feeling Better!

Despite moving to a gorgeous new house and securing a brand new job in the past five months, I've still struggled to battle the blues in my daily life. I suspect I always will. I've particularly battled poor self image, regular and intense headaches and general lethargy/demotivation recently. However, I feel as though I'm gradually … Continue reading Battling the Blues and Feeling Better!

Reading Challenge: 40 Books for my 40th (books 6-10)!

I seem to have picked 5 absolutely cracking stories to read for books 6-10 of my #40booksformy40th challenge and if I carry on choosing such great books I'm definitely going to reach my target early! He Said She Said by Erin Kelly: As I stated on my Instagram, I wasn't immediately struck by the story, … Continue reading Reading Challenge: 40 Books for my 40th (books 6-10)!

Confessions of a Commitment Phobe…

I've known people to have 5 year plans. I've known people to book their wedding venues years ahead. I've known people to decide the exact age they'd ideally hit certain life milestones. But not me. Although I'm a list maker extraordinaire, I'm not a long term committer of plans. Although I'm happily married, commiting to … Continue reading Confessions of a Commitment Phobe…

Maintaining a Positive Online Persona!

Ahead of a practical spring clean, this week I ruthlessly decluttered & streamlined my social media accounts into sparkly, gleaming positive virtual places. Despite the current trend for taking social media breaks (after publicly announcing you're about to do so!?!), I actually really enjoy social media - but on my terms. My Twitter and Instagram … Continue reading Maintaining a Positive Online Persona!