Ruthlessly De-cluttering

Moving house is a great opportunity for a ruthless de-clutter - books, clothes, shoes, ancient paperwork (including decades old birthday cards!), old notebooks (not all though - revisiting old lists is a favourite pastime!), the odds and ends drawer/cupboard(s), the bathroom cabinet, under the stairs, the attic etc. all require a thorough sorting out in … Continue reading Ruthlessly De-cluttering

Homebird Hang-Ups

Hello! And welcome. And thank you for visiting. Homebird Hang-Ups is my way of tracking our impending new house renovation and redecoration - an online album of ideas, thoughts, pictures, progress and house related topics and paraphernalia. And, to tie-in with my interest in mental health, my hang-ups about everything house and non-house related too. … Continue reading Homebird Hang-Ups