Selling Up & Lucky Happenings

Our house was never advertised for sale, yet it sold in a day! We had our offer accepted on our new house on 10th August, decided on selling our current house as opposed to renting it out (a brief albeit not really serious consideration) and set about getting three valuations. The valuations pleasantly surprised us and we chose one of the estate agents to market our house.

In the meantime however, the estate agent of our NEW house informed us one of their office staff was interested in our CURRENT house and wanted to see it. Surprised and a little taken aback, we agreed. So, she viewed it at lunchtime on 17th August, arranged a second viewing in the evening accompanied by her boyfriend and his mum, and offered the asking price on 18th August! We are aware how lucky we are! And, because our buyer works for the estate agent, she is being super efficient by co-ordinating everyone in the chain and hurrying things along, which benefits us all.

Now there’s approximately 5 weeks to go and I am still slightly stunned at the smoothness of the process so far! Fingers firmly crossed it continues!

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