Action Stations!

Yesterday our survey was carried out on the new house and today our mortgage for the new house was approved. We are due to complete on 23rd November, but the giddy girly & her fella buying our current house asked earlier if we could change completion to 10th November! So, it could be action stations starting now!

Strangely, I’m ready, but I’m not. I think it’s because there are unusual circumstances surrounding our new house – in many ways it feels as though everything has happened in perfect alignment at a perfectly steady speed, but the whole reason we are buying the house at all is thanks to my inheritance money. And inheritance follows death. My dad’s death.

My dad bequeathed us a chunk of money and straightaway I was determined to put it all into property. To secure our future in bricks and mortar. Being property programme OBSESSED, the thought of buying a house we could renovate to our own style massively appealed, and excitement levels at the first sight of our new house peaked. I loved it immediately. My (trained architectural technologist) husband didn’t because it needs a LOT doing to it, primarily:

  • Bathrooms replaced
  • Kitchen/diner knocked through
  • Kitchen redesigned & refitted

Not to mention all the non-aesthetic issues (roof, damp etc.) that need addressing too.

So, today, I am quietly terrified yet excitedly optimistic for the project ahead in potentially two & a bit weeks!

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