Lucky Number 13

Last week I moved for the thirteenth time! Into our new (and hopefully very long term) home. I love Moving Day. It’s like Going On Holiday Day – the anticipation, the excitement, the convenience/takeaway meals – what’s not to love!?!

We moved on Friday 17th November 2017. As we opted not to employ an expensive removal company (we’re not afraid of a bit of manual labour and my husband’s dad and friends had offered to help us move), we hired a Transit van the weekend before in order to clear our my Dad’s house (which by serendipitous coincidence was completing on the same day as ours!) and decided to keep it for the full week as it was more cost effective than returning it and re-hiring it a few days later. We began filling the van and decanting a few loads into my father-in-law’s garage ready for moving day, as well as ruthlessly clearing out useless belongings/donating unwanted belongings to charity. We hired an extra Luton van on Thursday afternoon and set about packing practically everything remaining in the house. Our solicitor had confirmed earlier in the day that contracts had been exchanged so the sales were legally binding and we were definitely moving!

By Thursday night all we had left was a mattress on the lounge floor in front of the roaring log burner, a Chinese takeaway and Peaky Blinders on catch-up – it was lovely, actually.

On Friday morning we cleared the last bits and were ready to hand over our keys by late morning. Our solicitor informed us as soon as the buyers’ funds went through so our sale was complete, but we had to wait until 2.45pm to receive confirmation that our funds had gone through, our purchase was complete and we could collect the keys to our new house! The interim hours were very strange – we were technically homeless!

After collecting the keys we unlocked the front door of our new house, stepped inside and…discovered the previous owner hadn’t finished moving out yet! She was still frantically packing everything into a van in the driveway! She apologised profusely but it was clear she needed more time so, rather than adding to the fraught situation, off we popped again!

FINALLY, a little while later, the previous owner had cleared the driveway and given us the spare set of keys so we could, at last, begin unloading our own vans and cars. By this time it was getting dark so it was all hands to the pumps and we chucked everything into the house haphazardly, ready to be organised properly later on. It was hectic!

The best bit though was collecting the animals from my mother-in-law, who had kindly looked after them all day, and seeing them fascinated by this strange new place, cautiously sniffing and snuffling at first, but then chasing and skittering around the extra space we are now lucky enough to enjoy.

Moving day ended with us ordering pizza and scoffing it ravenously in front of our open roaring fire, after which I happily faffed and pottered about our new house while my husband and his two mates, who had helped us all day, drank whisky and deservedly rested their aching bones.

We bought the house with the cast-iron intention of ripping out and replacing the grotty bathrooms and dated kitchen and knocking down an interior wall to create a big kitchen/diner/living space, so I am extremely excited for the renovation plans to be realised in the coming months. For now, however, I am happy to be moved in and settled in our new house which already feels like home.

Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of the house now and the progress of all the future renovation works too!

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