40 Hopes, Wishes and Plans for my 40th!

I turned 40 on Christmas Eve (having a Christmas birthday is a whole other blog post!) and, as often happens at significant milestones (or much more frequently for us introspectives), I thought extra carefully about my hopes, wishes and plans for my 40th year of life. Some are frivolous, some are heartfelt and some are things I think about frequently but still haven’t found/achieved/fulfilled. As an obsessive list writer, I shall enjoy hopefully ticking all of these off, or at least trying to!

  1. I hope to build my blog and post approximately once per week as a reflective mental health log and to document the house renovations and any personal/professional achievements.
  2. I wish I had stuck to Slimming World and calorie counting after our San Francisco holiday; I was really happy with my weight and figure in May and I am a bit disappointed in myself for now being heavier than I would personally prefer for St. Lucia.
  3. Therefore, I hope to be back to my ‘happy weight’ by March for our London visit.
  4. I hope cancer steers clear of my family!
  5. I hope to find a rewarding ‘right-fit’ part-time job (or jobs!).
  6. I plan to continue blogging alongside working and renovating the house.
  7. I hope for health, happiness and dreams realised for my family.
  8. I plan on completing another reading challenge – 40 books this time (obviously).
  9. I hope our renovation style ideas correspond with our budget!
  10. I plan on taking a learning to sew/embroidery class to develop a new hobby.
  11. I hope to finally find a really good hairdresser who can successfully translate my desire for a Zooey Deschanel fringe.
  12. I plan on entering a few writing competitions.
  13. I wish to find a perfect fit pair of jeans (small waist/thick thighs!).
  14. I hope to improve my (extremely basic) cooking and baking skills.
  15. I wish for greater courage and confidence in myself.
  16. I plan on being more creative generally.
  17. I hope to create a stylish, well-fitted and good quality capsule wardrobe.
  18. I plan to continue battling my wretched anxiety demons.
  19. I hope to discover an amazing (new to me) author who has a fantastic back catalogue to devour.
  20. I plan to invest in premium bonds because my husband did and he’s already won £75!
  21. I hope to own a unique writing bureau (either bought up-cycled or up-cycled myself).
  22. I plan on reading new books by some of my favourite authors, especially: Chris Carter, Jojo Moyes and K.L. Slater.
  23. I wish I could apply liquid eye-liner successfully.
  24. I plan on learning how to apply make-up properly.
  25. I plan to undertake acts of thoughtfulness throughout 2018.
  26. I plan on visiting Florida.
  27. I hope to finally remove my ankle tattoo completely (although it’s excruciating!).
  28. I plan on regularly donating to local food banks and charity shops.
  29. I hope to own a garden swing chair to enjoy (reading on) in the summer.
  30. I hope to be brave and motivated enough to start swimming and/or yoga weekly.
  31. I plan on giving blood again.
  32. I plan on switching banks after quite a few problems with Natwest.
  33. I hope to discover new (reasonably priced) make-up and skin care brands that do wonders for my 40 year old face and body!
  34. I hope to persuade my husband that a Tiffany lamp is an essential house purchase.
  35. I hope to enjoy a spa break.
  36. I plan on buying from small businesses more.
  37. I wish to ALWAYS be able to trust and listen to my gut instinct.
  38. I plan on not always saving something for ‘best’ but wearing it anyway.
  39. I wish to learn to ski and/or scuba dive and/or ride a horse (despite my innate clumsiness).
  40. I hope for new series of programmes I’ve really enjoyed and/or great new films to watch (any and all recommendations welcome!).

Do you have (m)any hopes, wishes and plans for the future? I’d love to hear them!

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