The Eradication of the Pink Monstrosity!

This week, 8 weeks after moving in to our new house, we are finally getting the professionals in to quote for overhauling our inherited pink monstrosity of a shower room. The shower room was always going to be the starting point of our renovation project because it’s the grimmest (and grimiest) room in the whole house – pink basin, pink toilet, the smallest, grubbiest pink shower cubicle in the whole world, terrible tiles, slapdash grouting, dodgy floorboards and flooring, and a surplus of windows for a room of its size. It is awful. At least it has a toilet though, unlike our bathroom (but that’s another blog post!)!

We are going to ruthlessly rip everything out and start again, taking inspiration from a few of the beautiful hotel shower rooms we have been lucky enough to use on our travels over the past few years, as well as Instagram and Pinterest (of course!) and local bathroom showrooms.

We are thinking: a re-jig of the layout (possibly hanging the door outwards to accommodate moving the sink to the opposite wall where we would prefer it), a waterfall shower with a separate shower head attachment, wet room *style* double shower enclosure with recessed shelving and concealed pipe-work, vanity unit built around the sink, or a sunken sink without the pedestal on show, wooden features, earthy colours and lovely lighting.

As previously stated, I started this blog as a diary of sorts to predominantly document our house renovation project and I am looking forward to sharing the process and progress and continuing to be inspired by other renovators! As someone who is not over keen on visitors in general, putting my house ‘out there’ may seem a bit of a personality contradiction but, as a house ADDICT (I have moved 13 times and I am obsessed with every house programme going!), I am prepared to indulge my passion wholeheartedly and be proud of my house. Plus, if I show my home online, there’s no need for anyone to visit in person is there??? 😉😆😐

P.S. Any and all bathroom/shower room advice welcome & gratefully received!

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