Come on in, the tour’s open…

The vibrant vision I have in my head for our new house is ‘cosy grandeur’, if that’s not too much of an oxymoron! Our house is the double bay fronted, spacious, handsome 1930s house of my dreams which currently feels a bit sad and unloved due to previous neglect and dodgy workmanship EVERYWHERE – there are random, unconnected light switches, mismatched skirting boards, heavily artexed ceilings, rubbery floorboards and who knows what else we ARE going to discover along the way?!?

Nevertheless, I’m clinging onto my ‘cosy grandeur’ vision for dear life to get me through the impending renovation process, but, first things first, I thought I would do a mini ‘before’ tour of the house. So, come on in, the tour’s open!


Our hallway is currently quite grand but a bit bland. It’s non-offensive but it’s not our taste. I love the curlicue bannister, the floor pattern and the gorgeous statement lights we have just chosen from Debenhams for the hallway and the landing (which will be featured in an upcoming blog post!). I am very much looking forward to planning, sourcing and installing a sprawling photo/picture/things of interest gallery running up the stairs eventually too.


Hallway 2.jpeg


The snug was one of my favourite rooms when we originally viewed the house but now it’s my least favourite because it feels quite cold to me. However, I love the parquet flooring, the arched windows and the fireplace. The suite – Rochelle – was from SCS a few years ago. I’m eventually imagining built-in cupboards/bookcases flanking the open fireplace, a vintage sideboard between the arched windows, 1930s style coving in-keeping with the age of the house, and a luxurious rug complementing feature wallpaper and/or a dramatic paint colour.


Our bedroom:

Our bedroom frustrates me because I am already desperate to start decorating the boring walls! I crave colour! The window is beautiful and the bed was a treat purchase – it’s the superking Sealy Monte Carlo from Benson for Beds – and although I ummed and ahhed about the expense for WEEKS, I can now say it is absolutely worth every penny. The curtains are the Belle Epoque design from Dunelm and definitely do not go! They were inherited from our old house’s previous owner so we are making do for now until we decorate. My beloved mirror is vintage and belonged to my mum and the embossed dressing table was a present from my husband’s parents a few years ago. Within the ‘cosy grandeur’ theme, my dream for this room is ‘midnight botanical art deco’ – I absolutely adore designer Ellie Cashman’s statement floral wallpaper but I’m not prepared to re-mortgage the house for it so I’m keeping my eye out for similar but reasonably priced alternatives (suggestions welcome!). I am toying with the idea of a rocking chair or a chaise longue in here too – if I can convince my husband the bedroom NEEDS one or the other!

Bedroom 1.jpeg

Bedroom 2.jpeg

Guest bedroom:

The guest bedroom is almost an exact replica of our master bedroom in our old house. It’s so light but so shabby! The built-in wardrobes contain drawers and shelves and are already so useful for storage. I’ve absolutely no vision for the guest bedroom as yet though!

Spare bedroom:

The spare bedroom is my husband’s walk-in wardrobe basically! Non-offensive and a good size but the sliding wardrobes are dodgily fitted (as per!) and there’s an issue with getting the curtain track to stay put!

Shower room:

I featured the pink monstrosity on a previous blog (here) and we are still considering quotes and timeframes for the overhaul – we’ve had two quotes so far and a third lined up. It wasn’t until our second viewing of the house that we realised there was no toilet in the bathroom! So the pink monstrosity houses the only toilet in the whole house (which means we are going to install another one downstairs in the vestibule).


The bathroom, despite being twice as big as the shower room, features a bath and a sink and that’s it! No toilet. Apparently, it was originally the fourth bedroom so to install a toilet might be more complicated than installing another one downstairs directly underneath the shower room. The bathroom showcases a heavily (blown in places) artexed ceiling, mismatched, slightly wonky, badly grouted tiles and a rip in the floor! On the upside, the triangular window feels a bit gothic and there’s enough space to fit a double vanity unit eventually. My vision for the bathroom is ‘Victorian style monochrome’!


Living room/dining room:

My favourite space in the house! It’s so big yet it already feels lovely and homely in just 8 weeks. It features our bargain French Connection sofas from DFS, floral curtains and faux-fur bean-bag bagel from Dunelm, desk from Ikea (£35!), a vintage gentleman’s chair from (my beloved!) eBay, a bespoke pew seat from eBay, my grandad’s Rennie Mackintosh dining table, a dresser from (again!) eBay and a bar. Yes, a bar!

Living Room 2

Living Room 1

Dining Room.jpeg


The vestibule connects the dining room, kitchen and hallway and is where the downstairs toilet will eventually be. I love the dog wallpaper featured in here (as previously shown on my Instagram) but, as is the theme throughout the house, it’s been put up badly and doesn’t quite meet the edges of the wall!


The showpiece! The kitchen was installed in the 1990s – the owners at the time extended the house and fitted what was no doubt a fashionable kitchen in its day. Now it is not. Again though, it’s big so there’s a LOT of potential. We are thinking of knocking through into the dining room to create an L-shaped kitchen/diner/living space with bi-folding doors onto the garden whilst blocking off the living room from the dining room, but we may end up changing our minds and updating the kitchen without knocking through…we shall see! In the meantime, we’ve already started a Le Crueset and Joseph Joseph kitchenware collection (all TKMaxx bargains!) – it’s an absolute relvation to me to be excited by kitchenware but I’m actually starting to be!

Kitchen 1.jpeg

Kitchen 2.jpeg

So, that’s the house pre-renovation! Now, off you pop, the tour’s come to a stop! Thank you for visiting – any and all renovation ideas/advice/recommendations welcome!

I might do a proper home tour on Instagram stories once I reach a respectable number of followers, so, if you fancy seeing it, I would be grateful for a few shares to achieve my target! Thank you thank you thank you.

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