Quitting While You’re Ahead!

Moving into our old house felt like moving into a palace! We moved from a ground floor apartment into a 1930s end of terrace –  with a garden! We bought the house from an old lady who, out of the entire spectrum, favoured two colours: peach and mint green!

So, we set about transforming the minty peach house and during the 4 years we lived there we:

  • Dropped the front kerb to give us 2 off-road parking spaces.
  • Fenced the back garden with 7 foot fence panels for privacy (end terrace!).
  • Painted the lounge/dining room olive green (initially).
  • Painted the master bedroom pale blue, then teal straight after!
  • Recarpeted the lounge, stairs, landing (Tapi Carpets), master bedroom and spare bedroom.
  • Painted the green bathroom tiles white (Ronseal from B&Q).
  • Replaced the flooring in the sunroom and the bathroom (Tapi Carpets).
  • Installed made-to-measure blinds in the lounge and master bedroom bay windows (Hillary’s Blinds).
  • Insulated, plastered, painted and wallpapered the lounge.
  • Replaced the coving (Kingston Ornate Plaster) and skirting boards in the lounge.
  • Replaced all the electric sockets in the lounge.
  • Replaced the lighting in the lounge (Next) and fitted ceiling roses.
  • Knocked the boarded up fireplace out and installed a log burner (Flames).
  • Replaced the white plastic patio doors with grey French doors (Homeseal Windows Yorkshire Ltd.).
  • Sealed the garage inside and out to make it watertight.

For our lounge/dining room refurbishment we appointed a company who co-ordinated most of it from start to finish which cost slightly more but meant minimum stress for us whilst working full time. Apologies in advance for the terrible quality of a few of the photos (and the non-existent styling) – it WAS 4 years ago!

Yet within a year of completing everything detailed above we had sold up and moved on.

We had three reasons for moving:

  1. To do any more work on the house (for example replacing the kitchen and/or bathroom) would not really have been a good investment/added much more value as the street had a ceiling price.
  2. We could have replaced the kitchen but we couldn’t increase its size so it would never have been be the spacious kitchen/diner we dreamed of.
  3. I was fortunate enough to inherit a bit of money so we could actually afford a bigger house for a lesser mortgage (as I blogged about in The Mystery of the Missing Sparkle).

Embracing the ‘quit while you’re ahead’ mentality, me and my itchy feet were dead set on moving. My husband wasn’t wholly convinced, despite the reasons listed above. He wanted to stay in the house and appreciate the improvements we had made for another couple of years, as well as properly finish the outstanding little jobs to a high standard, which I did understand. However, helped I think by the serendipitous way our house sold (as I blogged about in Selling Up & Lucky Happenings), he put my happiness first and agreed to buy the new house I had my headstrong heart set on before we had to apply to Love It or List It to settle the decision (I did treat him a holiday to say thank you!)!

My point is that even though we hadn’t finished EVERYTHING we wanted to do in the old house, it still made sense to me to leave it all behind and start again. Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. I loved our old house, I was proud of it, but we were restricted in making it perfect for us. Moving somewhere new doesn’t erase all the happy memories attached to a previous house, and now we get to do it all again on a bigger scale. I am ready, willing & eager to crack on!

Would you sell up and move on despite not fully completing a renovation project? Or would you see it through to the end no matter what? I would love to hear your experiences of both!

Lounge/dining room (before): Peach walls, peach lighting and peach toned fake parquet floor!
Lounge/dining room (before): Peach walls, peach lighting and peach toned fake parquet floor!
Patio Doors
End of lounge/dining room/sunroom (before): Retro white plastic patio doors!
Lounge/dining room (during): Utter devastation after my husband and his friend ripped up the floor and stripped the walls…my anxiety levels were off the scale that day!
French Doors
End of lounge/dining room/sunroom (after): Gorgeous grey made-to-measure French doors.
After Lounge 1
Lounge/dining room (after): Log burner, insulated walls, new coving & skirting boards, lighting & bluey hue colour scheme!
After Lounge 2
Lounge/dining room (after): Log burner, insulated walls, new coving & skirting boards, lighting & bluey hue colour scheme!





















One thought on “Quitting While You’re Ahead!

  1. thats quite a dilemma. i would be confused too. i guess i am not sure what i would do unless i m really there you see. because right now from 3rd party POV, as in what i would do…i would finish the old one n if not sell then put it up for rental and live in new one! or may be not. It really is a tough choice to make!

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