You Ok Hun???

I despise those ambiguous status updates/motivational quotes and one aspect of blogging means baring all, to a degree. I will always be open and honest in my posts but if there’s anything I don’t want to share, I won’t. However, a month ago I detailed 40 personal hopes, wishes and plans for my 40th and one month on I have happily achieved EIGHT of them – in my current, strange, unemployed mental health limbo, I think I’m doing ok so far.

Ticking things off any of my various lists pleases me immensely and giving myself goals to aim for, or a weekly/monthly/yearly framework of sorts, really benefits my mental health as it gives me a sense of control and achievement. It was important to set myself challenges but not set myself up for failure so I really identified with Call Me Amy’s recent blog ‘Achieving Balance As An Introvert‘ as she wrote: “Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is great, but push yourself too far and it doesn’t pay off at all.” So, to an extent, my hopes, wishes and plans were all realistic yet extremely rewarding if achieved, for me.

Since I turned 40 on 24th December 2017, I am proud to put (neat, pink!) ticks through the following hopes, wishes and plans:

No. 1. I hope to build my blog and post approximately once per week.

I post twice weekly – on a Tuesday and a Friday – and I love it. Made Up Style wrote: “I am discovering the more you open up and share the more people relate to you and although I might cringe inside, it can help me connect.” in her blog post ‘Confidence and Oversharing Online‘, and I agree. I didn’t realise how much fun interacting with others online (for a period of time determined by myself) could be! It may sound paltry to some but as of today 458 people around the world(!) have read my blog and that makes me really happy.

No. 8. I plan on completing another reading challenge – #40booksformy40th.

I am currently reading (and loving!) The Power by Naomi Alderman which is my 5th book so far and I will continue to post them all on my Instagram grid and stories using the hashtag #40booksformy40th, as well as write round-up reviews as blog posts.

No. 15. I wish for greater courage and confidence in myself.

This definitely connects to No. 1 as well as being brave enough to begin laying potentially exciting foundations for a fulfilling and worthwhile future career.

No. 16. I plan on being more creative generally.

I am putting a lot of effort into taking and posting better quality photographs to Instagram. I am also excited to turn my hand to upcycling the bargain eBay bureaux I recently bought before we begin the ultimate creativity challenge – renovating and refurbishing the house!

No. 21. I hope to own a writing bureau

See No. 16 above!

No. 27. I hope to finally remove my ankle tattoo.

I am going for my third laser removal session tomorrow at Redeem Clinic. It’s faded a lot but unfortunately, green is the hardest colour to remove in a tattoo and as I’ve got a quite a bit of green (leaves on a flower) it might be as faded as it’s going to get. At £40 per removal session I am so annoyed at my 18 year old self for getting the bloody tattoo in the first place!

No. 33. I hope to discover new (reasonably priced) make-up and skincare brands that do wonders for my 40 year old skin!

After being influenced by slimming world_jsg on Instagram stories, I visited the The Body Shop to investigate skincare options for my oily/combination/middle aged skin. I had a quick consultation as well as a hydration test while I was there and discovered my skin was quite shockingly dehydrated! Therefore, the Vitamin E range was recommended. So far, my skin already feels and looks so much better because of it!

No. 39. I wish to learn to ski and/or scuba dive and/or ride a horse.

During our recent holiday to St. Lucia (as I wrote about in my blog post St. Lucia Likes, Loves and Loathes) I rode a horse for the first time! It was a wonderful experience which I would definitely like to repeat. A not so wonderful experience was the sea trekking in a heavy helmet which I was too freaked out to do, so maybe scuba diving is a bit of an ambitious challenge. Thankfully, as I was careful to specify ‘and/or’, I can still tick this one off (‘it was important to set myself challenges but not set myself up for failure’ remember!)!

So, taking everything into account, right now, I am ok (hun*)!

How are you managing your mental health ahead of National Time to Talk Day on 1st February 2018?

*Hate that word!

3 thoughts on “You Ok Hun???

    1. Oh my goodness, how lovely of you to feature me! I’m honestly astounded…I always imagine my blogs floating around in cyberspace aimlessly, not actually being taken any notice of, so thank you thank you thank you! 😘 xx


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