Am I too old to be a blogger?

How old is too old to be a blogger? I began blogging 4 months ago and I turned 40 one month ago; am I too old to be a blogger?

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon which has grown massively over the past decade. There are insane amounts of blogs and bloggers now, both amateur and professional, those who blog as a hobby and those who blog for a living. I am definitely at the hobby stage but I hope to be able to monetise my blog one day. Yet I am plagued with anxiety about my (middle) age and a feeling that I am being ridiculous even trying, especially as, according to, the average blogger falls into the 21- to 35-year-old demographic.


I use and enjoy social media daily, particularly Twitter and Instagram. Since I began blogging I have started using social media in a different way and invested a bit of time and attention into researching how to use it to benefit my blog instead of as simple escapism. Across social media I admire bloggers who I see:

1. Taking photos of pretty, styled flat lays.

Am I too old? I use my iPhone 5 and the Instagram Lo-Fi filter, purely because I like it the best!

2. Creating beautiful themes on their Instagram grid featuring pastel or vibrant colours and often professionally taken candids/portraits using fantastic cameras.

Am I too old? Again, I use my iPhone 5, the Instagram Lo-Fi filter and take pictures of my house, my dog and my cat, purely because I like them the most!

3. Frequently promoting themselves and their blogs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’.

Am I too old? I find it hard to publicly promote myself and worry that people are going to be annoyed/pestered/bored by my promotion tweets and/or posts, or worse, completely ignore them!

4. Featuring a bio which includes children and/or unicorns and/or Disney and/or Harry Potter.

Am I too old? As someone without children and barely any interest in any of these three hugely popular crazes, I feel at an immediate disadvantage because I do not fit into certain popular niches.

5. Constantly interacting on Twitter and Instagram.

Am I too old? As an introvert I find this exhausting at times (see point 3 above and Holly a.k.a. @kittyluxe’s blog post ‘Struggles of an introvert online‘) and not authentic for me. If I interact online it’s because I am genuinely interested/amused/impressed by someone or something, not to get likes or followers.

However, my blogging (and Instagram) inspirations who are in my blogging age demographic and absolutely ‘smashing it’* are:

The Edited Blog. Erica Davies’ general style, attitude and house are ‘absolute goals’.*

Does My Bum Look 40 Blog. Kat’s Instagram stories are extremely entertaining and her dresses and open plan kitchen are gorgeous!

So, am I too old to be a blogger?  Clearly not, as proved by Erica and Kat! How old is too old to be a blogger? You’re never to old!

It’s taken me until now – being 40 – to feel like I’m ‘living my best life’* in terms of living in my dream house and being content in myself/personality (I’m still working on the career!). At times it’s been a rocky ride, so I’m going to carry on blogging – writing from experience and writing with passion – and Tweeting and Instragramming (using my beloved Lo-Fi filter) for as long as I want to! I’m 40 and I blog twice a week – I do therefore I am!

* Cringeworthy phrases I suspect I AM actually too old to use!

14 thoughts on “Am I too old to be a blogger?

  1. You are definitely not too old to be a blogger. As the world’s oldest digital native, I can say this definitively. Forty is the best time to find your voice, to speak out, to define your writing talent. I define the smallest demographic of bloggers on that chart–why try to fit in when one is born to stand out? As far as “simply ignoring” your tweets, most people simply read over Twitter-blather until something truly catches them. Or it’s one of their particular friends / partners in crime, er blog. 🙂 How can I follow your tweets if I don’t know your Twitter handle? That’s not promotion, that’s simply helping people who like you FIND you! Many in your demographic (and also in mine) don’t talk about their age, don’t intend to define themselves by their age, and quietly slip into the “ain’t sayin'” or “dissembling” category. (People lie on the Internet. Heh.) I would love to learn more about Instagram and your Instagram experience. And a belated Happy Birthday. These are the wild years. Enjoy!


    1. What a gorgeous message & ‘these are the wild years’ – I love it! I absolutely love your blog too & how technically informative it is e.g. making blogs accessible for the visually impaired…it’s my go-to if I need to know anything concrete about blogging! xx

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  2. I am 43 and took voluntary redundancy last year. I decided I need a work from home job and I am proud of what I have achieved in the last 4 months we launching my blog and small business in September 2017. One thing us ‘oldies’ have is experience. Good luck in your venture.

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  3. Definitely not too old! Your blog is great! 🙂 I’m a new blogger and even though i’m 25, i’m AWFUL at social media. I’m trying to get better to get my blog out there, but you do whatever you want and whatever you feel comfortable with! All I can say is now I’ve found your blog, i’m looking forward to reading lots more of your posts! x

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