Maintaining a Positive Online Persona!

Ahead of a practical spring clean, this week I ruthlessly decluttered & streamlined my social media accounts into sparkly, gleaming positive virtual places. Despite the current trend for taking social media breaks (after publicly announcing you're about to do so!?!), I actually really enjoy social media - but on my terms. My Twitter and Instagram … Continue reading Maintaining a Positive Online Persona!

Pink Monstrosity Progress!

Despite being prone to indecision and/or procrastination (mainly because I dislike spending money!), today we finally appointed a tradesman to transform the pink monstrosity shower room into a super, snazzy shower room! The floor plan sketch of the shower room is shown below with pictures of how it currently looks...wonky walls, blu-tacked tiling(!), dodgy floorboards … Continue reading Pink Monstrosity Progress!

Go compare – why comparison is a positive thing!

Comparison is condemned as the thief of joy. I beg to differ. I've had a fair bit of time to consider this recently, what with being unemployed for 6 weeks equalling extra scrolling on social media whilst trying to navigate my existential crisis (quite successfully in the end as I blogged about here)! I've actually … Continue reading Go compare – why comparison is a positive thing!

What I Won’t Miss About Being Unemployed…

After 6 weeks of unemployment and previously not having worked in a permanent position since December 2016 (I was supply teaching throughout the majority of 2017 as explained in The Mystery of the Missing Sparkle), I begin my new job on Monday (as announced in Taking Risks and Reaping Rewards!)! Despite the stereotypical ideal of … Continue reading What I Won’t Miss About Being Unemployed…