Go compare – why comparison is a positive thing!

Comparison is condemned as the thief of joy. I beg to differ. I’ve had a fair bit of time to consider this recently, what with being unemployed for 6 weeks equalling extra scrolling on social media whilst trying to navigate my existential crisis (quite successfully in the end as I blogged about here)!

I’ve actually found as I’ve been frequently comparing myself to other bloggers, other Instagram posters, other tweeters…I’m actually quite normal & pretty content with my life!

Yes, there are people who are quicker witted, super photogenic, extremely confident on Instagram stories (definitely still not there yet & doubt I ever will be!), but there are also those who don’t seem to have *that much* of significant interest (to me) to say or show…but they say and show (and overshare) it anyway, as is their choice & right. I’ve found this a bit of a revelation actually – my life is just a version of anyone else’s!

There are those people who actively celebrate their normal-ness too…memes galore about being in bed early on a weekend, not going out, preferring animals to people etc. etc. – I completely identify! In my younger years I honestly thought I was a bit weird, funny looking, not interesting enough…turns out I was just unable to compare myself to the masses online (pre-internet!) for reassurance! A problem teenagers & those in their early twenties may experience in reverse nowadays.

Lucy Sheridan – The Comparison Coach – recently Instagrammed a tweet by @BillMurray:

‘Social media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder everyone is depressed.’

I say to Bill: comparison often MAKES you appreciate everything you are, as well as everything you’re not! Social media has confirmed for me it’s okay to be bookish, it’s ok to take a million pictures of my animals, it’s okay to struggle with my mental health sometimes…because hundreds, thousands, millions of other people do too. And I think there’s a great comfort in that. Lucy herself posted great advice (which I’ve followed):

‘Self-Care Tip: Unfollow every account that makes you feel like you need to be someone else.’

Thereby, only following all those who DO get you, who you DO share common traits and humour and interests with, who DO make you feel happy/normal/appreciated. I am FINALLY at a stage where I’m more or less ok being me…maybe it’s age & experience & genuinely accepting all my ‘foibles’, but maybe it’s thanks to (favourable) comparison!

Do you agree that comparisons can be positive? Or do you think comparisons breed negativity & compound insecurities like Bill?

3 thoughts on “Go compare – why comparison is a positive thing!

  1. Another rocking post! People tend to negativity. It’s in the culture. Going forward in life with gratitude makes all the difference. Great advice and fine insight here. Thanks.

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