Pink Monstrosity Progress!

Despite being prone to indecision and/or procrastination (mainly because I dislike spending money!), today we finally appointed a tradesman to transform the pink monstrosity shower room into a super, snazzy shower room!

The floor plan sketch of the shower room is shown below with pictures of how it currently looks…wonky walls, blu-tacked tiling(!), dodgy floorboards and all!

We are going to undertake the following:

* Board and plaster all the walls and repair the floorboards.

* Install spotlights in a slightly dropped ceiling (we can afford to lose a few inches as the current height is quite generous).

* Remove the cupboard behind the door completely and replace it with the Bali Chestnut wide sink unit with deep drawers underneath from Brooke Ceramics (as shown below), and a large mirror above.

* Install a charcoal grey shower tray almost the width of the back wall.

* Build a false wall in the right hand corner of the shower to store toiletries (either with a recessed shelf or a half height open shelf) and install a dual shower head.

* Retain and re-tile the current narrow wall and attach the shower screen to it.

* Leave the toilet where it is but replace it with the Bali Chestnut toilet unit to match the sink unit.

* Lay the Sherwood Forest Maroon wooden flooring from Brooke Ceramics and tile the walls (fully tiled on the back shower wall and half height tiled everywhere else) in Yurtbay 30×60 Stoneway Anthracite tiles – both shown below. The tiles we originally chose are now discontinued unfortunately but these should look slightly more industrial, which I think will work well.

* Paint the remaining walls in a colour to complement (or contrast with) the fixtures and fittings. The paint colour can easily be refreshed through the coming years if we fancy updating the look of the room.

* Extend the waste plumbing downstairs in order to create a second toilet on the ground floor at the same time as renovating the kitchen (the next project!).

* Source blinds and accessories (the enjoyable bit!).

The shower room is definitely more influenced (but not completely!) by my husband’s taste than mine as he is taking the lead on the renovation – I shall be indulging my preferences for Victorian styling in our bathroom!

Pinterest was (and is!) a massive inspiration to me but I’ve always hated going with trends so I’ve deliberately not chosen anything currently ‘in’! I’m never in fashion and prefer things a bit different in all areas of my life so our shower room will reflect our combined uniqueness!

As always, any renovation advice/recommendations/warnings gratefully received!

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