Battling the Blues and Feeling Better!

Despite moving to a gorgeous new house and securing a brand new job in the past five months, I’ve still struggled to battle the blues in my daily life. I suspect I always will. I’ve particularly battled poor self image, regular and intense headaches and general lethargy/demotivation recently. However, I feel as though I’m gradually battling the blues and feeling a bit better! Here’s what I’ve changed so far:

I stopped overeating/over-caffeinating:

Han from Wellness and Wander blogged recently about breaking the cycle of bad habits. Instead of my bad habit of troughing flapjack, Tesco’s 3 for 2 sweets, Waitrose pistachio ice cream etc. on a frequent basis (alongside my brutal but honest health check nurse suggesting I should “reduce the sweet treats”), I joined Slimming World and have lost 3.5lbs so far. Already my clothes feel more comfortable and I generally feel less ‘bleurgh’ about myself.

Instead of a bad habit of using copious amounts of caffeine as a crutch to get me through the day, I switched to de-caffeinated coffee and Tetley’s vitamin infused tea/fruit tea. My headaches have definitely lessened and I’m weakening the widely reported link between caffeine and anxiety too.

I gained job confidence:

New jobs are awkward and all consuming initially, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable and confident as the weeks go by. Working for a mental health charity is definitely benefitting my mental health so far! I’ve battled a few anxieties – working in a shared office, not knowing anything and day-to-day communication with others (I’m rubbish at small talk!). I’ve also been up-front and honest straightaway about my social anxiety in response to a staff night out invitation, which was met with no judgement whatsover.

I succeeded in a few personal achievements:

Self confidence never magically materialises – it has to be gradually gathered and nurtured. I’m a thinker and a planner and I knew I had to take action to combat feeling negatively about myself, so I started by tackling a few things I had previously put off or not prioritised properly:

As I detailed on my Instagram, I finally arranged for my new car to be fixed after worrying about the damage (not even caused by me!) and the possible consequences of an insurance claim for 3 whole months! In the end, there were no consequences and it was all dealth with swiftly and easily!

I’ve up-cycled an eBay bargain bureau after taking Pinterest inspiration.

I’ve re-organised my monthly finances – although my new job pays less than my previous full time teaching salary, the benefits I’ve gained include Wednesdays off, entire weekends to myself, cheaper term time holidays etc. It’s absolutely worth it. I’m thoroughly enjoying a work/life balance for the first time in about a decade and I still earn enough to allow for a lifestyle I enjoy (buying books mostly!) and to squirrel some away every month for house paraphernalia and holidays!

I’m powering through my #40booksformy40th reading challenge – I’m 14 books in already. I am a reading addict through and through and I’ve even upped my dog walking frequency and duration by listening to audiobooks whilst pounding the pavements. I’m finding this combination immensely enjoyable!

These few, simple changes are definitely having a positive effect for me, but The Blurt Foundation has some great blogs around battling the blues too.

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