‘Am I…’ Series: Am I dedicated enough to be a blogger?

I’ve noticed a few brilliant bloggers lately who appear to be steadfastly dedicated to their blogs. I admire their dedication immensely but I’m struggling to sustain it myself. I tried – hard – in my early days of blogging, back when I was temporarily unemployed, battling mental health demons & trying to do SOMETHING constructive with my time (as I wrote about in ‘The Mystery of the Missing Sparkle‘).

For the 6 weeks I didn’t have a job, I spent my days job hunting, blogging and being an active member of the blogging online community. This involved: writing my own blogs, reading & commenting on other blogs, promoting my posts on Twitter, Facebook (sometimes – not my favourite platform!), Pinterest and Instagram, joining in with blogger Twitter chats, researching future blog topics etc. – it was such a busy time!

However, once I secured my new job (as I blogged about in ‘Taking Risks and Reaping Rewards‘), I simply did not have the same amount of free time to devote to blogging anymore, and now, 4 months later, I still don’t.

This frustrates me, it really does. I see other bloggers frequently writing helpful and insightful blogs, or thinking of and implementing great initiatives to bolster the blogging community (Maud from My Passion Projects and Ruth from Ruth In Revolt are SMASHING it!) and I want to be just as good as them! Conversely though, I also want to achieve my reading challenge (#40booksformy40th), renovate and redecorate my whole house (‘Come On In, The Tour’s Open!‘), be good at the (writing) job I am actually employed to do, go on amazing holidays (‘St. Lucia Likes, Loves and Loathes!‘), fuss my pets, get manicures, stick to Slimming World, do the washing and hoovering and still have time to watch my favourite TV shows/scroll through Twitter and Instagram for FUN! The list of things to do is never-ending – and I LOVE a list!

Being completely dedicated to one area of your life usually means other areas suffer. It’s difficult to balance EVERYTHING effectively so prioritising is key. I desperately want to prioritise blogging/writing but because I haven’t, I’ve begun to wonder whether I’m dedicated enough to be a blogger at all. I’m aware this is being quite hard on myself but, after losing 5 close family members, including both parents, in the past 9 years, I’m also acutely aware that time is indeed limited and therefore, I want to try to make the most of mine.

An interesting article on Healthy Place this year  stated:

Lucy Sheridan is the first and only Comparison Coach helping people with a desire to live on their own terms, pursuing their version and vision of happiness as audaciously as possible.

Emma Gannon has recently written The Multi Hyphen Method: work less, create more, and design a career that works for you.

A Branch of Holly is a one-stop resource for people who want to chase their dreams and live life to the full.

Melissa Lee writes multiple useful and successful blogs including At Home And Online.

Laura Jane Williams‘ slow-down self-care ethos is top notch (and her @superlativelylj Instagram stories are v.v. entertaining)!

I found a few great books and podcasts too:

David Sinden and Sandrina Marshall Five Minute Me

David Allen Getting Things Done

The Creative Leap podcast

Dreaming and Doing podcast

How to Curate Your Life podcast

Hopefully, I’m now armed with enough tools to begin sculpting my life into a magnificent masterpiece! I’ll be blogging about how I’m getting on!

So, to answer my own question: yes, I think thoroughly researching ways to improve my devotion to writing and blogging definitely demonstrates my dedication! I may not have time to blog as much as I’d like right now, but there are plans a-plenty for the future!

Who/what has inspired you to dedicate your time/energy/focus a certain way? Any and all recommendations of people / podcasts to follow are extremely welcome!

If you enjoyed this post, the first in my ‘Am I…’ series, ‘Am I Too Old To Be A Blogger?’ can be read here!

2 thoughts on “‘Am I…’ Series: Am I dedicated enough to be a blogger?

  1. I relate when it comes to being a workaholic blogger.I ask myself this question often too.But it’s all about enjoying the process.One day I’m sure you’ll be a biiiig blogger and you wont doubt yourself again.Love your blog!keep writing,id love for you to check it out too<3


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